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Custonomy Web3asy, enables Web2 experience for Web3
Custonomy Web3asy offers an easy integration between your app and different blockchains, whether your app has already integrated with Web3 or simply a Web2 application. A delightful experience will be provided to you and your customers.
Custonomy Widget allows your customers to access Web3 using Web2 experience. Seed phrase and private key are all out of their concern. Custonomy Widget helps your customer to create a MPC address and handle different interactions with the blockchain such as minting NFTs. Our widget also provides WalletConnect for your customer to connect their Custonomy address any external DApps with WallectConnect available (e.g. OpenSea). Transactions with the external DApp will be handled by the widget so you do not have to worry about that. Concerning the user experience, our widget can be customized up to your needs.
To interact with Custonomy Widget, your application will need to embed our widget, and integrate our Web3 provider.